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The history of engagement rings goes back to the 2nd century before Christ to the Roman Empire, where the rings used for this special purpose were originally made of iron. For the first time a ring as a pledge of love is mentioned by the Roman writer Plautus in his "Miles Glorius" where a charming lady sent a ring to a handsome soldier as a symbol of love.

It is impossible to determine the exact historical moment when the engagement ring became a wedding ring, it happened in different times in different countries. However, the wedding ring did not supersede the engagement ring. Wearing a wedding ring in the fouth finger (index finger) is associated with an ancient belief that a special nerve or a vessel runs from this finger straight to ones heart. A ring in this finger symbolizes the connection between love and heart.

Nowadays most marriers are put a wedding ring in their finger during the wedding ceremony. The choice of rings in various styles is practically unlimited. If, by chance, you want to become acquainted with the choice in different jewelry shops, you have to start looking for the right ring about 12-16 weeks before the wedding.

It is our custom that a bride and her groom select rings that match together. But it need not be the only solution. If the bride already has an engagement ring, why not to have a wedding ring that goes with it. It may happen that you have to try dozens of rings before you find the right counterpart. But if you wish to find yet another similar ring for the groom, the easiest solution would be that the groom just chooses a ring he likes the most by style and size. If there are not suitable rings on sale, you should turn to a jeweler. An expert in his/her trade can help you to find a ring in the required style and size and he/she will give you good advice on the pertinence of the rings.

Today the wedding rings made of yellowish gold are more widespread, but the other shades of gold and platinum suit as well for this purpose. There are traditional and fancy rings, with colourful jewels and diamonds, with engravings and ornaments, narrow and wider ones. The choice is up to you. But if your want to buy a wedding ring, you must remember one thing: do not save time in order to find the ring of exactly your size! You are going to wear this ring for the rest of your life.


Gold and silver gilt jewelry, as well as jewelry made of alloys has to be protected against aerosols (hair sprays and deodorants). Under the influence of aerosols and even face cream the metal jewelry turns dark quite quickly.

Keep your gold, silver and metal jewelry in separate cases. Gold and silver gilt pieces of jewelry are particularly susceptible to scratches.

Pieces made of alloys have no need for special means of maintenance, in case of need you may wash them with warm water and soap, and then dry carefully.

All pieces of gold jewelry may be washed in a solution that consists of a teaglass of hot water, a teaspoonful of carefully dissolved soft (non-alkaline) detergent and a teaspoonful of liquid ammonia. The piece of jewelry has to stay in the solution for a while, then rub it carefully with a small brush (for example, with an old tooth brush), rinse it with warm water and then dry.

You may put a thin gold chain into a bottle filled with the solution described above, shake it and let it stay for a while. Then you have to take the chain out of the bottle, rinse it and then dry it with a soft piece of cloth.

Do not cleanse your gold gilt jewelry with liquid ammonia! Remember that gold gilt jewelry must be cleaned with great care - rubbing with a soft piece of cloth moistened in spirits is enough.

To cleanse gold gilt jewelry, rub it with whipped albumen, where you may add a little salt if necessary.

Gold gilt jewelry may also be cleansed with a mixture that contains a pinch of borax and 60 ml of water.

If you do not have liquid ammonia at home, dip a match with some cotton wool on top of it into eau-de-Cologne and remove the dirt gathered under the stone of your ring.

Silver and cupronickel objects can also be cleansed with the same solution as meant for gold pieces, but the solution should be cooler.

After washing with a brush, polish your silver objects with a piece of cloth. Amber and ivory jewelry can be washed in warm soap water, rinse and then dry it carefully.

It is better to take very unclean and scratched jewelry to a specialist who will repair the scratches galvanically and will make it shine by polishing it with special means.

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